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Nursery schools in English inspired by Finland’s world leading approach to early childhood education

Accelerated Learning

Certified Trained Team.
Easy transition into School.
Individualised attention with Low Child to Teacher ratios.
Guided interactive program Babies to 4 years.

Safe, Nurturing Environment

Safe, hygienic and eco-friendly.
Fosters imagination and creativity.
CCTV and safety monitoring systems.
Builds confidence and character through play.

Support for Parents

Open all year.

Early drop off, late pick up.

Dedicated licensed onsite Nurse.

Transparent fees, enrichment programs.


The story of the mouse that roared

12742167_10206006631146672_5884121662826054683_nIt’s a fact – Finland rates as one of the best education systems in the world.  Educators know it, but parents are often surprised to find out.  In PISA scores Finland consistently performs better than all European countries (including the UK), and the United States. So they must be doing something right, right?

Kipina takes the best of what Finland has to offer, and improves it even further with up-to-the-minute teaching practices based on scientific evidence that  learning begins at birth. And children learn best through play. But not unguided play. Play that is structured towards learning outcomes to make it easy for kids to transition into K1 and K2. Children learn best when they don’t even know they’re learning!
We do not drum the kids into silence, require them to march and sit in rows, wear uniforms, teach them to keep their eyes on the teachers at all times, or require that they are college-and-career-ready from the age of two.  They’re kids. There will be plenty of time for that. Our focus is on creating a lifelong love of learning, curiosity, thoughtfulness and confidence – in a loving, clean and safe environment, where every child has a name and is cherished for the joy he or she brings to us.


Finally, a new approach for a new century


Kipina ‘s holistic program was designed from scratch to merge play-based learning with structured outcomes that give kids a head start in school life. The curriculum encompasses six core areas that focus on the; emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of each child.

  • Literacy, Communication and Language
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity
  • Relationships and Character Development
  • Physical Development and Wellness Awareness
  • Numeracy
  • Cognitive Development through Exploration and Play

Being a program, children aged 3 and 4 must attend 5 days (or mornings) a week, while babies and toddlers have a more flexible schedule.

There’s nothing like seeing it in action. Book a Tour here


The Nitty Gritty

A practical, fun-filled nursery


Unless you believe the world is flat, by now you probably already know that there is a lot of scientific evidence that significant brain development occurs during the first three years of life, and what happens in these early years sets trajectories in a child’s development that will last throughout their life.

Exploration, stimulation, guided play and independent enquiry are the key to Kipina’s approach. And we come at it from all sides; cognitive, language, literacy, numeracy, creativity, social skills, and physical development.

We create environments where children are safe and comfortable and our experienced educators adjust the teaching according to the child. There is no “one size fits all” mentality at Kipina.


Kipina nurseries come with full-time qualified nurses onsite every day.  You can put children in a padded room to protect against bumps and bruises, but the world is not padded. It’s a fascinating place. There are trees, gardens, rocks, insects, thorns, steps, footballs, tricycles and headless dolls. There are viruses, colds, nits and other annoying things that your child will encounter in life. From time to time your child, or someone else’s child will bite, push or grab hair, when he can’t find the words he needs to express himself.

We encourage parents to be protective but realistic and trust that in a loving, watchful environment, kids don’t have to live in plastic bubbles, and everything will be alright.


We teach respect, responsibility, integrity, self-discipline and compassion because children do not come pre-wired with a sense of justice, fairness and balance. This enables children to grow into thinking, caring and ethical young people, with a deep sense of connection to themselves and others.



Our nurseries are safe, clean, and hygenic. The design concept is soft and sleek similar to Scandinavian models, supporting sustainability and eco-friendly materials, designed to inspire imagination and innovation, without clutter and distractions. We focus on activity based learning, where the children create their toys, rather than play with a pre-made commercial product.

Our nurseries are equipped the latest learning tools, resources and technologies such as interactive digital whiteboards, projectors, child-friendly computers, digital tablets, and audiovisual equipment.

The “Imaginarium” provides children with resources and tools to create, explore, socialize and collaborate. Kipina also has both indoor and outdoor play areas.

We are sugar-free, because sugar is the enemy.


As a working parent, whether you are managing Facebook, or managing the family home, you have enough to worry about. When you entrust your child to Kipina you deserve straight forward, honest and timely communication.

There are no hidden extras at Kipina. Our fees are published. There are no extra hourly rates and no nasty surprise invoices every month.

We may be guilty of over-communicating. You will hear from us regularly. We will send pics of your child. We will send surveys and ask for your feedback, and we will take that feedback seriously. Ask any of our existing parents and we are sure they will tell you that we do listen and we take responsibility.

In every Kipina nursery there are CCTV cameras which you can either view from inside the nursery (in a private room) or from a mobile app.



What language is used in Kipina?

Kipina is an English language nursery.  We intend to offer Arabic and French as part of the program. Additional languages will be based on demand.

Will my child be able to transition into K-12?

Kipina provides a structured learning program exposing children to guided education in a fun way. This prepares children for easy entry into any KG school, regardless of the curriculum or program.

Does Kipina teach religion?

No. We feel religious and spiritual guidance is best left to parents. We do however teach kindness, tolerance, and respect for all people, animals, and the environment.

Is there CCTV in Kipina nurseries?

Yes. There are cameras throughout the nursery and these can be accessed online by parents through a secure portal and directly from your mobile phone.

What other safety features are in the nursery?

Kipina takes safety and hygiene very seriously. There is an extensive fire system including (a) smoke detectors (b) automatic sprinklers (c) fire hoses (d) fire extinguishers (e) emergency exits direct from the upper floor.

All floors and paint are non toxic. Furniture is wooden and sturdy (not plastic). Play areas have special rubber surfaces.

Does Kipina provide food?

Kipina provides snacks and water. We also refrigerate and heat food provided by parents.

Will my child watch TV?

Absolutely not. We believe passively watching TV or playing with pre-made plastic toys dulls children. Kipina is all about learning through play, role modeling, active participation, making and creating.

Where do Kipina teachers come from?

Our teachers are all Early Childhood or Primary Education Degree holders and are  from all over the world. All of the teachers are trained by Kipina’s Global Academic Director, Cathy McCauley on the Kipina program and how to teach it.




Some of the finest and most passionate teachers

Choosing Kipina was one of the easiest tasks we’ve ever done for our daughter. And we’re the kind of parents who spend countless hours surfing the Internet, compiling lists of pros and cons, and taking numerous days off work to take tours at potential nurseries for our daughter. The decision was made easily to send our daughter, Hala to Kipina.
They have a guided educational system built around Finland’s success story, exceptional management, and some of the finest and most passionate teachers and teaching assistants we’ve ever met!

At Kipina, we found the support that we needed for Hala – both management and teachers worked closely with us for as long as it took to make the transition possible. Now, Hala is living in her wonderland 🙂 a true inspirational and motivational environment where children learn about the world around them! We receive weekly schedules on Sundays updating us on what the next 5 days will bring. This is a detailed table for every activity and its expected outcome for each child. Kipina has a very intentional approach for teaching, yet spontaneity is felt and encouraged throughout the day. From building a city out of cardboard boxes to meeting Mr. fireman and his cool truck to the Book Fair experience and her first Halloween party, Hala experiences new adventures every day at Kipina and she’s not short of vocabularies (that she learned at the nursery) to describe them! On top of that, Kipina offers Arabic, Music and Enrichment classes soon where you can sign up your child for Karate, Yoga and Ball Skills.

A great team, friendly and trustworthy

Despite being new Kipina has a great team,friendly and trustworthy,it’s a wonderful experience for my daughter who has become more confident and has made great friends.

Shamsa is thrilled every morning when we reach the nursery

I wasn’t sure at the beginning to put my 4 month old daughter at a nursery. I was grateful to find Kipina at the last minute, even though the nursery was new, I was confident to put Shamsa in the nursery from the first meeting with the staff. The staff seemed loving, experienced and most importantly the atmosphere felt like a second home for her. During the time Shamsa stayed in the nursery she grew so much and learned many things which I didn’t expect 10 month baby will reach. She is thrilled every morning when we reach the nursery and the teacher assistant welcome her every morning. Shamsa made friends at her class which eased in gaining social skills when we are at family gathering or out in public. I really great full for such experience which am sure I will repeat with her other siblings in the future.

We are already planning on sending her baby sister there!

We chose Kipina as the nursery for our two year old daughter because we were convinced that she would learn a lot while having fun. One thing that truly sets Kipina apart from the other nurseries is the range and relevance of topics that are covered weekly with the kids. This includes subject such as recycling, hygiene or how to interact with others which are introduced to them in an exciting way while giving them a chance to express themselves. It seems that no second day is the same!

A loving, caring, and safe environment

We enrolled at KIPINA on January 2015 when William was 17 months old. It took me 3 months to look the nursery that was suitable for William. William is sensitive and spoiled and can be difficult to handle during feeding time. We put him in KIPINA to let him learn to be with other kids. 8 months has already passed and William has grown and matured into an amazing and independent boy. The progress William has made since his enrollment has been most impressive and heartwarming. They have instilled educational and social values in William.

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